TICA Registered Ragdoll Cats Home of the Blue Eyed Wonder
Established in 1995

DELIVERY AVAILABLE (in Oregon, California and Washington)


Cinderella X Cowboy..............Born April 15, 2015..................5 kittens ( SOLD)


Lady Violet X Cowboy Born April 13, 2015.................4 kittens  (SOLD)

Marble Mae X Cowboy.....................Born May 3, 2015.........................5 kittens (one available)

Two Flame Point males, and three Tortie Point females.

Lady Davina X Cowboy...........................Born June 26, 2015.............3 kittens (all available)

Cicarra X Cowboy........................Born June 29, 2015.................4 kittens(all available) 




                                   SOLD   TO  TAYLOR  PHILADELPHIA,  PA. 

                                          Dragon Heart Kitten #10

                                          Blue Tortie Point mitted -Female



                                                                         This is beautiful little girl. She is a Tortie Point and may or may not have Lynx markings.

                                                                         It's just to hard to say at this age. She does have four white paws. Her coat is very soft.

                                                                         She is a beauty. One ear is flame colored and the other ear is flame and blue spotted. Her

                                                                         tail is going to have tortie markings also. Additional pictures are available of her. TICA registered.

                                                                         Spaying is included in her cost. Born May 3, she will be available to go to her new forever home in


                                                                       Dame: Marble Mae

                                                                Sire: Cowboy

                                                                   Price: $600.00


                            SOLD TO TONY & LISA!

                            Dragon Heart Kitten #12

                          Seal Tortie Point mitted-Female

                  Picture #1




              This adorable little girl is a Seal Tortie Point. She is what we call a split face.

                        Notice that half her nose is seal colored while the other half is a white or flame colored.

                             This may extend all the way up he face but at this point I can't tell for sure. She has four white paws.

                            Her tail is also Tortie marked. Note the beutifulmarkings on her ears. Additional pictures are

 available of her upon request. TICA registered.

                        She will be ready to go in August. Reserve her early as she won't last long.

                 Dame: Marble Mae

        Sire: Cowboy

        Price: $600.00


Dragon Heart Kitten #1

Blue Tortie Point mitted Female

This is the smallet kitten in the litter. I just woke her up from her afternoon nap.

So, she is not being very agreable with picture taking. She is the prettest little thing.

TICA registered. Better picture to follow in a few days.

Dame: Marble Mae

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00

SOLD TO Cindy Johnson!

Dragon Heart Kitten #14

Flame Point male

This adorable little guy is sold!


Dragon Heart Kitten #15

Flame Point male

This sweet little guy is spoken for.






Dragon Heart Kitten #1

Blue mitted -Female

A sweet kitten. TICA registered.

Spaying is included in her price.

More information to follow.

Dame: Violet

Sire: Cowboy

Price:  $600.00


SOLD  to Jordan & Lisa of Salem, Oregon!

 Dragon Heart Kitten #2

Blue Bicolor - Lynx Point male

with white tipped tail

This is a beautiful little Blue Point male kitten with Lynx markings.

His lynx markings will be very suttle because of all of the

white he has on him. He has the most adorable little white tipped tail.

Very unique and beautiful soft coat. TICA registered. Neutering is included in his cost.

Dame: Cinderella

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00


Dragon Heart Kitten #3

Blue Lynx Point Bicolor-Male

What a pretty boy! I am so impressed with this little guys father and

 the kitten she is producing! This is a beautiful blue bicolor kitten. He will be

 a lynx point but his lynx markings will be so suttle that you might not

 even notice them. They will mainly be on his face. He is going to be beautiful.

The little bit of rust coloring around his mouth area is kitten milk stain

and will go away with a few more baths.  He's a big kitten.

TICA registered. Spaying is included in his price.

Dame: Cinderella

Sire:  Cowboy

Price: $600.00


Dragon Heart Kitten #4

Blue mitted -Female

This is a very pretty little girl. Beautiful coat and nicely mitted.  The rusty coloring around

 he mussle is kitten milk stain and will go away with a few more baths.

TICA registered. Spaying is included in her price.

Dame: Lady Violet

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00


                                                                                                         SOLD TO THERESA SCOTTT OF SHERWOOD, OREGON!              

                                                                                                                          Dragon Heart Kitten #5
                                                                                                                                Blue Lynx mitted Female   

A very cute little girl. She is a Blue mitted and will have lynx markings.

Her lynx markings will be on her face, legs and tail. They will be suttle

due to he being so light colored. Her mittens are perfect. No spotting on the bottom

of the feet or legs .TICA registered. Spaying is included in her price.

Dame: Lady Violet

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00


SOLD to Danyelle/Sherri in Lacy, Washington!

Dragon Heart Kitten #6

Blue Mitted male

This sweet little guy is a Blue mitted. He was scared to death to be outside.

So he isn't photographing well, so maybe the next picture taking

session will go better. He is TICA registered and neutering is included in his cost.

Dame: Lady Violet

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00

SOLD TO Connie!

Dragon Heart Kitten #7

Flame Point male

This adorable little Flame Point is SOLD!

Dame: Cinderella
Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00

Sold Liane!
Dragon Heart Kitten #8

This sweetheart is sold to Liane. This well be her second kitten from me!
 She got one from me in 2014.

Dame: Cinderella

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00

Sold Amy!

Dragon Heart Kitten#9

Blue Bicolor Female

Thi adorabl kitten is sold.!

Dame: Cinderella

Sire: Cowboy

Price: $600.00









































































































Adoption Information:

Kittens are ready for adoption at between 12-16 weeks of age. In some cases at 10 weeks. Kittens will have their first two sets of shots and be de wormed and box trained. Breeder provides new owners with a shot record, health guarantee and bag or a coupon for a bag of the kitten food the kitten is eating. Kittens are usually vet check before leaving the cattery. But, this is not always possible. Any and all vet bills incurred on any kitten prior to leaving "Dragon Heart Cattery" are the breeders responsibility.

*Note: Dragon Heart Cattery reserves the right to cancel any sale or refuse sale of a kitten or cat to any person(s). 

Spaying & Neutering: All pet kittens will be spayed or neutered before leaving "Dragon Heart Cattery". In some cases the registration slip can be held until proof of neutering or spaying is provided. Once I have written documentation, then papers will be provided to new owners.

Health Guarantee: All kittens come with a one week written health guarantee. This allows new owners ample time to have their new kitten vet checked by their vet. Kittens are guaranteed to be Leukemia and FIV, and FIP free and in general good health. Guarantee is for replacement of kitten only. NO cash refunds. In some rare cases if a kitten goes to a new owner and if the kitten becomes sick with a non- life threatening illness or problem ( upper respiratory infection, ear mitts, worms, etc.) within the first week or two. Breeder at her discretion may pay for medications for kitten. Other than that breeder does not pay for any tests or vet bills. I also give a two year written genetic health guarantee. This is for replacement of kitten only. I require written documentation from the new owners vet which must state the cause of death and date. In rare cases if after purchasing a kitten, the kitten is found to have a genetic disorder and it is non-life threatening and if both owner and breeder are in agreement kitten can be replaced with another kitten. 

Deposit's, Payments and Refunds: 
I accept deposits on kittens at four weeks of age. This deposit holds the kitten until delivery or shipping. With final payment expected before shipping or at time of delivery. I require a $150.00 dollar deposit to hold a kitten which is Non-Refundable should buyer change their mind. Should a kitten be found to have a birth defect or genetic disorder before delivery or shipping the cash deposit would be refunded or credited towards another kitten. Which ever buyer prefers. I accept deposit's through Papal which is a safe and secure method of payment or in the form of a money order or preferably cash.

Click Here to send a payment via PayPal.

   Or visit www.paypal.com and pay using crazycatwoman@charter.net

Dragon Heart Cattery Sales:

Pets : These are cats that do not conform to the breed standard completely and have imperfection's in body, coloring, eye color and are sold without breeding rights. They are just pets and are NOT FOR BREEDING.

Breeders : These are cats that conform to the breed standard as close as possible with maybe one slight imperfection. They are sold with breeding rights.

Show : These are cats that conform to the show standards as far as type, coloring, eye color, etc. They are sold with breeding rights. At present I am not producing any show kittens.

Prices Ragdolls:

Pet: $600.00 (includes neutering & spaying fee)

Breeders: $1200.00


I ship all of my kittens using either Alaskan Airlines for short flights (price varies). And, for longer flights I use Continental Airlines at a fee of about $99.00 or Delta Airlines at $180.00. I prefer to ship out of Medford, Oregon But, this is not always possible so I ship out of Portland, Oregon also. When shipping out of Portland all shipping is done on a Friday or on the weekends. This seems to work best for most people. When I have to make a trip up to Portland to ship, I ask a small fee to help with gas expensives and for my time. Portland, is 4 1/2 hours north of me and is an all day trip up and back. In some cases not all airlines fly into certain airports and then I use what ever airline is available. So, prices on shipping are not guaranteed. Shipping is limited to certain times of the year due to heat restrictions imposed by certain airlines. But, normally it is not a problem. Buyers pay for a health certificate which is $25.00 and for a carrier which is about $25.00. All kittens have to be at least 8 weeks of age to ship, this is a requirement imposed by the airlines. Two kittens at a time can usually be ship in one carrier providing the kittens and the carrier are under a certain weight. This works for individuals wanting to adopt two kittens or for two friends wanting kittens and they want to split shipping costs. I make no money off shipping my kittens and prices are at what the airlines charge me. With some airlines I can ship "freight collect" with new owners paying for the shipping at time of pick up. This is a nice convenience. With other airlines shipping has to be pre-paid at time of shipping. So, in these cases I have to collect shipping cost up front. In rare cases a kitten has to be kenneled over night due to no straight through flights. This expense is the new owners. This usually happens when shipping out of the States.

When ever possible I like to hand deliver my kittens and meet new owners. This is possible if new owners live in Oregon, Washington, or Northern California. Also for States like Idaho or Nevada driving and meeting a party half way is possible. When delivering a kitten, a  $20.00 delivery fee is asked to help with gas and expenses. All hand deliveries are done on the weekends.

Phone: 1-541-659-1216 
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon

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